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Lu Sutton’s Vision

Lu Sutton is a respected California Distinguished School that creates an alliance between our dedicated staff, supportive families, and community partners in order to provide an excellent educational experience for ALL students with a commitment to fostering critical thinking, collaboration, communication skills, and creativity as the guiding principles that bind our learning community together.


There has been a lot of discussion lately questioning the benefits of homework in elementary school. After studying the research and listening to our community last year we modified our homework policy.

All Lu Sutton students are expected to read or be read to everyday. Reading comprehension is enhanced when an adult discusses what was read with the child. Some examples: What was the main idea? How was the problem in the story resolved? Do you agree with how the character behaved or what would you have done differently? What do you think is going to happen next?
All Lu Sutton students should practice math concepts or math facts daily. This can be done with games, flash cards, following a recipe, figuring out the cost of dinner or how much tip to add. Reflex Math, Khan Academy, and Tenmarks are some fun web-based programs that you can access from home for extra practice.
What you won’t see are packets of papers and worksheets coming home that need to be completed and turned in. If you do desire some practice sheets to work on with your child, please talk with your child’s teacher.

We realize you want to build a rich family life and that you have things you want to teach your children, whether it’s cooking, building things, or fixing cars we want you to have that time. Kids have passions they want to pursue as well, sports, music, dance, and scouting. At the end of the day, it’s about how you balance work, family, and educational goals and we don’t want to dictate how your family time is spent. You are your child’s first teachers, we are here to encourage and support you and your child. Let us know how we can help you and if you need some ideas!



This year, I am delighted to make the change from part-time to now your full-time principal. For the past eight years I have been so lucky to work at Lu Sutton, the most caring and student-centered school. I begin my ninth year amazed at all we have accomplished and excited for all that lies ahead. We will continue to focus on ensuring a community where all have a sense of belonging and strong relationships. To take this work deeper, we will be focusing on strengthening independence and building higher order thinking as well as launching our new Lucy Calkins literacy program.


I really cannot say enough how very fortunate I am to call Lu Sutton my home away from home. There is a magic about our school that comes from our amazing community. Prior to my eight years at Lu Sutton as both Literacy Coach and Principal, I taught in San Diego and was also a stay-at-home mom. When I am not working, I love relaxing with my incredible husband (my high school sweetheart) and two imaginative and rambunctious boys, ages four and ten. We love tending to our huge vegetable garden, running around at the beach, hiking in the woods, and playing at the grandparents’ home on the Russian River, which is where I grew up.


I invite you to join us at school as we nurture your children in our caring culture. As you may well know, equity is a common thread throughout all our work. We provide meaningful school experiences so our students know they belong, have a deep sense of purpose, feel successful, and reach for the highest levels. This is done through experiences such as Project Based Learning (PBL), Lucy Calkins reading and writing, new Science curriculum, community building, and social-emotional development with Second Step and Hearty Kids, Maker Space, and Fun Fridays. Teachers will also be using district rubrics to assess the college and career readiness skills of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking.

To hear more about all we are doing at Lu Sutton, please join us at Wednesday Community Time, come to one of our PTA, ELAC, or SSC meetings, or stop by our office… our doors and hearts are always open.