Pardon Our Dust,

Lu Sutton Elementary School and NUSD have just upgraded to new modern websites designed to improve accessibility, increase engagement, and provide a greater wealth of information to our communities looking to learn more about our schools.

Our websites now offer a cleaner format, better mobile device scaling, and a host of other benefits which we hope will make your experience that much more rewarding when you visit us here.

Please feel free to look around and explore.  More content will be available in the coming days and weeks as we continue to strive in providing an upgraded user experience.

A great place to find a treasure trove of resources is our new Quick Links Section located just below the main picture window on our site.  Just click on the link for the type of information you are looking for, and you should find everything there neatly ordered by section. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, please let us know.  Contact Leslie Benjamin at [email protected]


Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Browsing!

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