Dear Lu Sutton Families,

This year we are revamping the Family Giving program. As we all know, it takes a village to give our children the best possible opportunities! As State funding declines and the school district is forced to make budget cuts, more of the financial burden falls to us as parents. Most schools in our district and county mandate a per-student donation of hundreds of dollars. This year we are requiring a reasonable donation of $35 per student.

As previously mentioned, the district busses are not as accessible as we would like; only 2-3 hour windows at a time, eliminating off campus learning opportunities such as the Academy of Sciences. This $35 per student will help allow for each grade level to charter at least one bus for a quality full day trip. We are actively pursuing other funding opportunities such as grants and community fundraising, as well. A longer term goal of this full school participation fundraising is the ability to cover all field trip costs, which would eliminate the need for teachers to ask for money each time they plan a trip and then keep track of those donations.

Money received from this, Required Student Dues, and all other PTA fundraisers, goes directly towards your child’s educational experience. Money raised helps pay for:

● Kindergarten PE classes, Homework Club for 3rd through 5th graders

● Field trips

● Free Community Events, like the Harvest Festival and International Day

● Assemblies

● Art and teacher Supplies

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