Mindfulness Mural

Our Mindfulness Mandala Mural In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it is important to take time to be calm and focus on the moment. At Lu Sutton, we are learning to be mindful. Following the reading of I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness, written by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter [...]

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Pointillism Mural

Connecting the Dots   Last year we read The Noisy Paint Box by Barb Rosenstalk, a book about the artist Vasily Kandinsky, the father of abstract art.  We collaborated on and created a school wide mural inspired by his artwork. Kandinsky said “ Everything starts from a dot.” This year we read The Dot by Peter H. [...]

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Wellness in the Schools Wellness in the Schools (WITS) is a national non-profit that teaches kids healthy habits to learn and live better. We partner with public schools to provide nutrition and fitness education, healthy scratch-cooked meals, and active recess periods.Our approach improves student outcomes, and drives systemic, long-term change, shifting school cultures, and ultimately, [...]

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Marin IJ: Novato celebrates revival of school garden

Teachers, parents and community members watched early Wednesday as nearly 350 youngsters wiggled their fingers into the soil of seven raised garden beds at Lu Sutton Elementary School in Novato. The students planted green beans, winter squash and cabbage seeds in the plots as the school and Novato Unified School District celebrated the revival of [...]

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New Peachjar Digital Flyers!

NUSD is launching a new e-flyer initiative through Peachjar.  In the past, our schools sent home flyers in students’ backpacks. As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly and to embrace innovative technology, we are moving from paper to a digital flyer delivery. Paperless delivery of school flyers removes a significant administrative burden from teachers, [...]

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The Dream Mural Project 2017

2016 to 2017 Students Art Project painted on the exterior of classrooms around Lu Sutton. Inspired by "The Big Orange Splot" by Daniel Pinkwater: Mr. Plumbean decides to paint his house every color of the rainbow, much to the neighbors' dismay, all because of the big orange splot.

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Lu Sutton NISA award recipients

Novato Inspirational Student Award (NISA) recipients are students who throughout their school years, have demonstrated exceptional integrity, a consistent commitment to good citizenship, and an effort to develop to their highest academic potential.  Every school in the Novato Unified School District honors two students, one male and one female, from the fifth, eighth, and twelfth [...]

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